Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Safari Eden, NSW

After my visit to Pro Hart's studio I could'nt resist a Dragonfly.
Currently painting a picture of Jelly Fish, its a big step up in scale from 15mm !!!!! figures.

Camp in Eden, flying the "Crusader" flag.
Joined the Latte set, been grazing in a good paddock I think. :(
Lots of Dolphins around here!!!, seals too.
Fishing @ Eden Asling beach, big surf and lots of crabs!!!!


Nice little town, crabs keep eating my bait!!!!! , Dolphins and seals Snug Cove.


Bob said...

its a little bit 'o heaven eden is..

i've an auntie that lives there

Neil and Lois said...

I though eating fish was slimming ....there's another theory gone west 8-)