Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Horse size

I found this horse bronze in Sydney, it shows the true size of many ancient horses. Note the riders foot and part of his calf are BELOW the belly of the horse, my head is level with shoulder of the rider. Sorry for the poor quality of the camera pic.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Galah and the Peacock

Fleet Air Arm Nowra

This is a Sopwith Pup, with cut away sections to show its construction

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ski resort 3/8/10

Currently staying here, sun is out, might go fishing!!!!.

Batemans Bay

Great weather for winter!!! I should have put sun cream on.

Pebley beach, where the Roos sun bake and play in the sand!!!

Mum do you see the Triffid?, its growing here too.

The shell museum Batemans Bay, run by a Frenchman, I like the French, they say what they think!!!.

Batemans Bay.

On Safari again

This box of Tuna landed @ Bermagui will be on the market floor in Japan in 14 hours!!!.

This duck on steroids, lived with the wild ducks all the time on the waterfront at Narooma.

Two Galah's in Narooma, note the soft pink and grey plumage !!!.

The port of Bermagui, a great little town.

Baragoot Lake near Bermagui, free camped here, this picture taken just after dawn.

Been a bit slack with my blog. Returned to NSW and am now @ Nowra. Weather has turned from 20C and swimming in the sea to 12C and rain.