Friday, July 31, 2009

Later Achaemenid Persians
(DBA II/7)

1xLCh (Gen), 2X3Cv, 2x2Lh, 2x2Ps, 3Sp, 1Ax

Looking for around A$150 postage free anywhere in the world!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My current battle army

2*Lh (Painted by Andy Bryant)
2*El and 2 Ps
1 Aux or Sch (Painted by Mennic)
4*Pk (Painted by Chris Young)
1*3Kn Persian Xystophori (Painted by Kingo)
1 * 3Kn (Gen) (Painted by Menic)
This is the current version of my early Seleucid army.

This is a painted parasol (minifigs 15mm painted by Alex Novakov)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


....this is the type of horse in real life.
This 15mm horse with black panther skin was painted by Mennic, one of the best painter I know, for a tutorial on how to paint these style horses check this link

My favorite 15mm Ancients. These are Xyston Macedonian range, I use them for my Seleucids, these chaps were "dandies" like Napoleonic soldiers and like to dress accordingly.

Indian Chariot

Ancient Indian chariots must have been decorated in lots of different styles, this picture is a cart wheel, but I think it gives the idea of how some may have been painted.

Indian Elephant decoration.

Things are timeless in India, I think it quite possible that elephants in ancient time were painted like this .